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Welcome! Your here because you collect autographs, and you've found one of the cheapest and best address lists out there! I've been collecting autographs for over 10 years, 5 Through The Mail. I have been compiling addresses over those 5 years and updating them throughout. As you can see from my website I have a pretty extensive collection, I haven't even put up all my baseballs or 8x10s in my room that I received before I made this site. But anyways, I want to tell you why you should by my address list for only $5 dollars! Yes that's right only $5 dollars!

I've had success with so many different sports stars and celebrities over the past 5 years by reaching them Through The Mail. I've tried over 10,000 addresses and about 8,000 professional athletes, so I know who signs and who doesn't. I have an ever growing list of addresses that I have been updating for many years.

Here is what I'm offering you:

1,000 Baseball Addresses All Tested in the Past Year

300+ Basketball Addresses All Tested in the Past Year

500+ Football Addresses All Tested in the Past Year

150+ Hockey Addresses All Tested in the Past Year

Also every 3 months you will get my updated address list for new adds from my personal successes and others I have found useful. This will be at least another 200 Addresses from all sports every 3 months, and your on this list FOREVER. So you will always have new addresses to work with and keep compiling your collection.

 If that's not enough I will be giving out 1 month Free of My Autograph Newsletter packed with Tips, More Addresses, what boxes to break and also who has been signing.

If your not satisfied with the addresses or my service you can ask for a refund and it will be granted no questions asked.

So if you want an address list that has been tested and proven to work in the past year buy my list, it will be delivered through email so their is no bulk.